Stepping Into Your Greatness and Self Confidence

A Vibrant Celebration of release and renewal. Letting go of what doesn’t work and bringing in the desired.

No matter where you are in your journey, you will walk away with these tools and techniques:

  1. Release Past Hurts
  2. Learn Relaxation and Stress Management Techniques
  3. Create Your Own Destiny With Visualization Energy Work
  4. Mastery of Self Confidence

Program will include meditations, classes on vision boards, stress management, forgiveness, energy working basics, basic movement, and other related materials. You will begin the process of the deepest self-love you have ever fathomed and take home this process for continued growth.

Dr. Barb says why we came …

  1. Experience and live through Love
  2. Be Joyful
  3. To Create
  4. To Help Others
  5. To Celebrate

Program 4 full days of training covering:

Mastery of Self Confidence

Self Love

Empowerment of Self

Forgiveness of other and self

Creation of a plan of action

Tips for clear communication

Vision Board Fun

Energy Working Basics


Stress Management

Extras of program include:

Ocean excursion and tour of island

Local Cuisine and enjoying the locals

Shopping and fun hopping where appropriate

Sand, Sun, Beach, Breeze…

Expectation for program:

Knowing how to conserve your energy for you

Enjoy a clearer understanding of what brings you joy

How to use protections from energy vampires

Learn how to say the word NO

Have a more complete grasp of your greatness

Enjoy a clearer understanding of what brings you joy

Understanding how to bring your mind to a state of peace

Recognize and stop others from manipulating you

Step Into Your Greatness