Holistic Life Coaching Certification.     

If you are a natural coach and you are ready to take it a step further and become a Certified Holistic Life Coach then your opportunity is here and ready for the experience.

This program will teach you the necessities to intake appropriate information from the client on the first visit, with an in depth questioning guideline called “The Matrix System”. This system will obtain the necessary quantitative information for the largest impact, along with a very large toolbox to provide tailored homework and follow-ups with the clients. Our program also gives hands on ability to learn the work by providing 10 plus clients to practice the consult process with and critiquing to insure the information is comprehended. This program was developed for the natural coach that is ready to make it a productive business rather than just a gift they are sharing with family, friends, neighbors and strangers. How to start up a business is included with ways to build a network, marketing and looking at legalities. This program was originally taught over a 4-month timeframe and has been condensed to provide a quicker turn around intensive program. There is no way around our calling, so why not jump in and feel the love as you help others have a more amazing life. Look at our testimonials of other coaches.