Ready for Awakening

During the time that most of us begin to awaken, we feel an urge to move or to change. Sometimes we feel like we need to get out of our own skin, that something is not right. We are going in a direction that urges us to be more than we are. With that urging we become uncomfortable in our own skin. We begin to search for things that bring us a greater connection to others, a greater understanding of the bigness in this universe, an understanding of what is in our hearts and in our soul, and in many cases an urge to work outside of ourselves to help others and make a better world. As we all move through these sensations of change it is important to understand that we are not alone. Millions of people are in the same state you are in right now but, the difference maybe that you’re ready to step forward and make a change.

You’re ready to answer to the singing of your soul, the questions in the back of your mind, or even to the hardships that your body may be traveling through right now with illness or disease. Please don’t wait for another moment of sometime, someday. If you are aiming to be something bigger, deeper, more rewarding to the world and are there right now, then move forward. Join me and I can help you identify where you’re at and the direction that you feel called to go. We can hold hands and help you accomplish all your dreams and desires when you’re ready to make that move. There is deep appreciate the newness of all that comes to us here at our life and island.


Love and Light,


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