“Reiki” (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’ and it is this energy, which emanates from the hands of a Reiki therapist. The Reiki system of healing is Zen Buddhist in Origin and is over 2500 years old. Since it is universal energy, anyone may use it and benefit regardless of their particular creed, religion, culture, or belief system. It is non-secular.


Reiki Introductions, Feb 9th, March 2nd, and April 5th at 10 am 60 to 90 minute, no fee.

Reiki I Program, April 5th, All day 8:30 am to 6 pm, only 8 seats available, $150- per person.


Reiki cannot be taught as ordinary knowledge; it must be transmitted like light waves by within a meditation and touch of a Reiki Master to a student. The method of using it is then taught through information and demonstration. Reiki heals the causes of illness and eliminates the effects. One does not have to go into an altered state of consciousness or engage in mental concentration for Reiki to be effective, nor does the person have to believe that Reiki will heal him.

Once initiated into the first degree any student can assist healing by gently placing his hands on a patient. Reiki is a simple hands on or above the body process. The energy released through the process assists in reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles and physical tension. It unblocks energy to flow more freely throughout the body reducing pain, calming respiratory issues, releasing emotional pain, stress and anxiety.

We need to heal our family, our friends and ourselves. If all people were trained in Reiki we would be able to have faster care within our homes as needed, saving on health care costs, reducing time at doctors offices and be able to relax and heal without as many types of drugs and unnecessary procedures.

I personally believe that every human should take Reiki I for the knowledge and hands on understanding of the natural abilities in all humans. Not just some humans, all humans have this natural energy flow and can share it with friends and loved one. Its natural and you never have side effects! I have taught Reiki ages 8 to 73.

I have taught hundreds of students from all over the world and the results are always amazing! SXM programs We use the word heal, to clarify, we offer to the receiver energy to assist in their body’s healing itself. The Reiki practitioner is the conduit of the flowing energy that the receivers body uses for its healing.

Classes are held regularly and special dates can be chosen for groups of 4 or more. As the programming grows and request are made more classes will be added.

Let’s do this!!

Love and Light,