Classes come in all shapes and colors. They can be mixed and matched. They can be small group or private educational programming.

These topics and more are waiting for your request. Private gatherings, Social Events and Organized Educational events.



Balancing Your Chakras

Reflexology- Natural Ways to Relieve Pain

Self Confidence, Self Love

Staying Calm Even Through the Drama

What are Chakras? What is Energy Work?

Learn Your Love Language

Attracting the Perfect Partner

4 Agreements, Stop taking things Personal

Visualization and Creating

Stepping Into Your Greatness and Self Confidence

Peace From Within, Meditation and Freedom

Reiki I Certification

Reiki II Certification

Metaphysics Basics

Igniting Your Passion

Why Water? How to Change Your Life Using Water

Letting go of Negative and Taking of Positive

Aromatherapy, Using Oils for Health and Healing

Breath and Breathing

Reducing Stress with Laughter

Meditation on the Beach

What is Mindfulness?

Meditation Basics

Manifesting Your Life’s Desires

The Cube- Self Discovery

Starting Calm, Staying Calm

Self Care for Women

I Am What I say I Am

Raising You Energy with Breath and Thought

Change Your Thoughts

Vision Boards and the Basic Practice of Creation

Relive Stress Without Taking Time Out of Life