Happiness Achieved

"For many, many years I searched and I search but could not find the answer to my happiness. After working with Barb Tremlett for just a few sessions I fully realized I was the one keeping me from my happiness. She helped me clearly see that I could do it and I made some big changes quick. I'm blessed to say that her no BS attitude made me take responsibility in a big way. Thank you Barb.!"

~J.B. 2019

Self Confidence

"All these years I was letting other define me. What I now realize is that I am not what they say I am, I am what I am. I realized the box I was living in was for my family, not for me. ^ months after our first visit and I see my whole journey as finally being for me not for others. It wasn't easy But it was worth it.
~S. S., 2018

Finding Myself

"After attending the "Powerful Self-Acceptance: Stepping Into Your Greatness" weekend retreat, I began on a journey of self discovery to who I really was.  This retreat completely changed my life.  It helped me realize the steps I needed to be happy and provided real tools to help me achieve it.  It was amazing how easy it was to use the tools and just let go of the negativity in my life. Barb is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her services!"

      ~T.H., 2017

Self Confidence

"I attended Barb Tremlett's "Powerful Self-Acceptance -Stepping Into Your Greatness" weekend retreat a few months ago, and highly recommend it! She is a treasure; genuine, compassionate, authentic, empathetic, and REAL. She guided us through several activities, all of which were powerful and meaningful. I was moved beyond expectation, especially with the guided meditation and visualization exercises. It was also valuable to share this experience with others - to speak our intentions out loud, and create visions boards to express those intentions. I tend to do a lot of this work alone, so sharing with others in a small group setting was a risk for me. However, the HSCC is such a safe, healing environment, it did not feel like a risk at all. The center itself wraps its arms around you and holds you in a gentle, loving embrace the entire time you're there. It is a wonderful space, and Barb is clearly a woman living her passion; to help others realize their full potential and live their best possible life. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering attending this retreat to do so - it is worth every minute and definitely worth the very reasonable cost."
      ~J.C., 2014