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Understanding HOW to.........

Soul Solutions is appropriate for all ages, belief systems, activity levels and experience levels.

Core Principles and concepts:

  • understanding the Law of Attraction
  • peacefulness
  • over coming the past
  • forgiving Yourself and others
  • accepting change
  • enlightenment joy
  • self awareness
  • raising YOUR energy
  • faster decision making
  • greater patience
  • easier relationships
  • clarifying your desires
  • clearer communication
  • feeling intelligent
  • feeling sensual
  • open to new life
  • release those old thoughts
  • remove negativity
  • find your dreams
  • allow you own success
  • be heard
  • control your happiness
  • the list just goes on and on and on and on...
  • sustainability



Recieving Healing Body, Mind and Soul

We offer many services and treatments to help you LOVE yourself.

  • Wellness Consultations
  • Reiki Energy
  • Crystals Education and Work
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Aromatherapy
  • Aromatouch Therapy
  • Holistic Life Coaching
  • Metaphysical Education
  • Ear Coning
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Self Confidence Training
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Aura Energy Education
  • Kinesiology Muscle Testing
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Grief Coaching
  • Private Mediation class
  • Family Coaching/Counseling
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Bio Feedback
  • Chi Machine
  • TENS machine

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Great Programs with variety

Classes come in all shapes and colors. They can be mixed and matched. They can be small group or private educational programming.

These topics and more are waiting for request.

Reflexology- Natural Ways to Relieve Pain

Self Confidence, Self Love

Staying Calm Even Through the Drama

What are Chakras? What is Energy Work?

Learn Your Love Language

Attracting the Perfect Partner

4 Agreements, Stop taking things Personal

Visualization and Creating

How to Stay Happy, High and In Tune.

Learn How to Say NO!

When Mommie is Happy Everyone is Happy

Taking a hike for Your Health

Be Happy no Matter What!

Sharing Self Confidence with Others

How to Feel Delicious

You need it, I will create I!




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Find Your Peace

Life is too short to wait to find your peace. Imagine feeling relaxed and happy every single day. Let Soul Solutions give you the information and tools to assist you in making confident decisions to go in the directions of your dreams and goals.  Let us help you learn to use inspired actions instead of forced action to live life to the fullest!

Love Your World

We partner with the local community for natural healthy products and services. Assisting Churches, schools, businesses, non-profits and government agencies with;

  • Raising Morale with Higher Levels Self Confidence
  • Lower Health Care Cost
  • Increasing Teamwork & Productivity
  • Decreasing Time out of Work
  • Increase Positive Work Environment
  • Reduce Miscommunications Among Team Members
  • Raise Appreciation of Diversity