Holistic is not a dirty word any more.

When I opened the Holistic Self Care center back in 2005 holistic was still seen as a word that was mystical, unknown or unprofessional. Now the word is used in all different types of professions. I’ve heard the word used at chamber meetings, Board  meetings, economic outlook programs , bank meetings, and of course throughout even some of the medical field its beginning to be a normal word. But when I began it wasn’t easy. At that time I made a decision to make sure that the world knew holistic was not a bad word and that we actually needed that word in our daily existence. I’m encouraging everyone to take a look at his or her life holistically. It includes many aspects. It includes mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and financial. There is no such thing as complete balance but when we stay aware of our potential weaknesses and learn the tools of success we can achieve harmony in life.  Learn more about yourself, your desires and your potential. Life is too short to tolerate an existence. It’s time to expand your existence and learn about yourself holistically.

Challenge: Name at least one strength in have in each of these categories.





Love to hear your results…


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