Giving is Freeing..

If you are going to fly, then fly high.

Ever wonder how some people are just so relaxed no matter what they are going through? They float through life and always look put together. If you take a close look you will see they are happy and they are confident. They are calm because they are not struggling to make the world happy, they are just naturally taking care of their needs and staying in constant touch, which is what makes them happy. In most cases what makes them happy is helping other people and they find deep joy out of serving others.


This may sound contradictory but let’s look a little closer. When we are babies we are self centered and focused on our own happiness. As we grow older we see others reactions when we help them and we feel an internal feeling of satisfaction. If we are still taking care of ourselves first then we will keep a balance. If we become off balanced and take others opinions as more important than our own or feel we need to give beyond our comfort zone to make others happy we begin to pull in lack of confidence. This attitude of not good enough begins to set in and unless corrected we begin the life of not putting ourselves first and therefore easily being empty and looking for others to fill us.


There is nothing more attractive than a confident person helping others with a smile and no expectations in return. Giving for the sake of giving. Thus knowing that life will give me everything I need and I will never want, therefore I can give freely.


One of my personal goals is to teach others how to have that deep confidence and knowingness that all is good. How to tap into that deep self love, no matter what the circumstances and still give openly and freely. To feel, see, hear and know you are everything you came to be. This allows you to fulfill your passion and calling. If you are looking for that spark please contact me for tools to make changes today. You deserve nothing but the best.


May the love of your universal light fill you and move you forward into your calling and the highest levels of self love!





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