Falling in Love With Someone’s Brain

Well this might sound odd but why not. We fall in love with people because they are kind, they are nurturing, they are beautifully musical, because they are a community leader…

I fall in love with many people for many reasons. But I have decided for the next little while I will fall in love with people’s brains. We each have our values, our dreams and our education, our experiences, our plans of giving to the world and thoughts of spirituality. I am falling in love with brains that help the expansion of the universe and the way our human minds comprehend, interpret and share the knowledge. I love how some brains are directed at teaching beginners and others are so advanced that they sound slightly crazy to a beginner. I love that the expansion of thought can be put into words and I can listen to other people and my brain gets to expand also. I love being able to just sit and think about expansion and what that means. I would love to have been on the Big Bang theory and added to their expansion. When Sheldon and Kuthrapali would sit and just think about the theory and throw a random calculation up on the whiteboard. Amazing.

Our brains are so powerful that we could do anything. I get saddened when I see the average person rarely using their brain, or the ones that use their brain for evil, power or controlling others. When brains are used to stay stuck in the past, past dramas, traumas and events they are not growing into the new and improved them. There are all kinds of brains out there.

As I have fallen in love with neuroscience and understanding how to reconnect some of the brain receptors to assist in many changes in the body, I love brains even more! No matter what the disease, the trauma, illness or accident the brain can begin to heal the human body, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually or energetically, I feel like Dr Frankenstein as he created a new being by playing with the brain. Whahahah (that is an evil laugh). But not really evil, more revealing… Now I know how to teach people suffering with lack of confidence, how to build them self up from the inside, not just depending on others. I know how to inspire those ready to grow, to raise them self up. I understand how to give the tools to someone suffering emotional trauma to help them back into life, change their patterns and take on the world. I have learned what others only dream of by my focus on what I want,.. so I fell in love with brains.

I am just a teacher like many others. I want to make the world a better place. I want to do that by teaching from my brain, my experiences, my intuition and my universal connection. I love teaching self-confidence, stress management, and spirituality. I love rebuilding neurosynapses in the brain and uncovering the human potential in all those seeking to understand. I just love brains!

There are many great things on Youtube, especially with Dr. Joe Dispenza about brains. I love to meet with people for Q&As and to assist brain change. I am Dr. Barb available on WhatsApp +1721-581-7361 or www.soulsolutionssxm.com.

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