Treatment Pricing

Soul Solutions SXM


All fees for Coaching, hands on Treatments, Energy work or add on services are listed. Please call for additional fees related to packages.

Wellness Consult


Access BARS




Emotional Freedom Technique


Holistic Life Coaching


Integrative Therapies


Ear Coning


Ionic Foot Bath


Energetic Stress Assessment


iTOVi Essential Assessment


Chi Machine


Nikken Magnetic foot massager


Lighten Up Cleanse


Tranquil Touch Rendezvous

Private Education

* Private Education is a specific format of question and answer style where client can address any metaphysical topics for discussion to include; chakras, auras, crystals, clearings, aromatherapy, pain management, stress management, self confidence, Kinesiology testing, phrenology, hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy, meditation, CranioSacral, Quantum Touch, usage of energy tools, magnetic therapies used during many treatments.

¹may include multiple or specific topics with in each coaching session.

² several modalities may be incorporated into the service including crystals, aromatherapy, coaching, and usage of energy tools.

Retreat/trainings, group class pricing will be estimated on topic, location, length of time, hours/days and number of participants involved per event.


Retreat Topics:

Reiki I and II

Stepping Into Your Greatness

Metaphysic’s 101

Life Coaching Certification

Finding You Passion and Calling

Meditation & Spirituality


Class Topics:

Energy and Emotions                            Self Confidence                              Aura Fields                                           Chakras                                        Spirituality                                            Meditation                                    Finding the Perfect Partner                    Self Protections                Understanding Crystals                         Pain Management                          Stress Management                               Clearing Negative Energy                Emotional Freedom                               Understanding Self-Healing            Enlightenment                                       Introduction Understanding Reiki            Post Traumatic Stress Disorder             Choosing Peace


Actual classes titles can be found on the Soul Solutions SXM Website. Dates to be announced.